Daily Schedule

Feedings and chats held during summer hours, April through October. Events are weather dependent and subject to change due to animal care needs. See board at ticket booth for a current schedule of the day's events. Download the Zoo map for exhibit locations.

Daily Feedings


Monday through Friday

On weekdays from April through October, watch daily feedings at a variety of animal exhibits.

10:00 am Flamingo Feeding South American Trail
11:30 am Otter Feeding Asian Trail
3:00 pm Chimpanzee Feeding African Trail
4:00 pm Kookaburra Feeding Australian Walkabout

Weekend Animal Encounters


Saturdays & Sundays

On weekends during April through October, learn how Zoo staff keep the animal collection active and healthy.


11:30 am Otter Feeding Asian Trail
2:30 pm Gibbon Keeper Chat Upper Asian Trail


11:30 am Otter Feeding Asian Trail
12:00 pm Amur Leopard Keeper Chat Asian Trail
2:30 pm Hyena or Cheetah Keeper Chat Lower African Trail