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Partner with the Friends of Sunset Zoo and join us as a donor to raise funds for Sunset Zoo. Donations to Sunset Zoo go to support the ongoing mission to promote Conservation of the Natural World in a variety of different ways throughout the Zoo. 

Wall of the Wild Donor Recognition - CAMPAIGN COMPLETE 

As part of Expedition Asia we offered a donor recognition campaign that is now complete as the exhibit will be complete in the spring of 2022. By participating in the Wall of the Wild, community members, visitors, local businesses and organizations had a chance to participate in a giving campaign with recognition at Expedition Asia. 

Recognition Levels

Tigers, sloth bears, and Amur leopards, oh my! Each of these unique animals represent a giving level of the Wall of the Wild.                                                                Amur leopards are $100 to $249   
                                                         Sloth bears are $250 to $499                                                               
                                                               Tigers are $500 to $1000  
To have consistent recognition throughout the exhibit these levels will be recognized in the above named giving areas.  Visitors to Sunset Zoo will see your support of Expedition Asia for many years to come! 

Wall of the Wild sponsorships can be bought only online at this time by using the order form below. To make your tax-deductible gift, use the form below. You may list your name or the name of your family in the naming section on the Wall of the Wild. 
There will be only ONE line of name recognition. 

Messages along with name recognition will not be an option for this Wall of Recognition. There will ONLY be names listed on the Wall of the Wild. 


Online giving is always an option at Sunset Zoo. The below form will allow a donor to give online through our donor software. Your donation is secure, and will be directed to Sunset Zoo, and an automatic thank you will be generated for your donation. 

Should you have any questions about giving online, please contact us at 785-587-2737 or email us at

Thank you! 

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