Week 2 Actions

Save Water

Keep your garden growing strong while saving water and money by installing a rain barrel at your house.  Rain barrels can be purchased pre-made, or you can follow these directions to make your own rain barrel.  Don’t forget to use #SunsetZoo5050 to show off your rain barrel.

Change a "Throw Away" Habit

Get creative!  Find something you regularly toss in the trash, and turn it into a masterpiece or something you can use again.  Some simple ideas might include turning a cleaned out milk jug into a watering can for your household plants.  You might also cut up all those boxes you’re getting from the mail right now and use them as clipboards, painting easels, or even paint a masterpiece on it.  We want to see you unique ideas and creations so don’t forget to post what you did using #SunsetZoo5050

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Before you can truly begin reducing your carbon footprint at home, you need to know where you are using energy and what is causing you to use more than needed.  Our partner, the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education, or KACEE, has developed a simple energy audit through the Kansas Green Schools Network that families can use to audit their house.  You don’t need any special tools to complete this audit.  Take a picture of you and your family completing this audit or one of your choosing, and post your pic with the #SunsetZoo5050.

Support Wildlife

Planting a pollinator garden can bring lots of benefits to your home.  They can add color and beauty to your house, provide habitat for species in need of help, and help attract needed insects for other plants and trees to thrive in your neighborhood.  We realize not everyone is a plant and pollinator expert.  Thus, we encourage you to visit the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge website.  You will find lots of resources, and you can even find out how to get your new garden certified if you want.  However, if you’re just looking for a good list of suitable plants, check out this from the Xerces Society.

Our Purchasing Power

Streaming videos pulls on numerous resources, all of which cost money.  Unplug, save money, and enjoy a good read!  If the weather is cooperating, take it outside!  We will be watching on social media for all those amazing outdoor reading spots!