Wild Wonders Room

The Wild Wonders Room, located at the back of Sunset Zoo's entry plaza, is a unique space where guests can get up close to some of the Zoo's ambassador animals.  Guests can also grab an animal-themed story to read, blocks to build with, shells to explore, or animal toys to engage with, all to enhance the Zoo experience.  A digital display also provides a unique look into Zoo operations thanks to the late volunteers, Bob and Marilyn Johnson.

Bob and Marilyn Johnson were long-time Sunset Zoo volunteers and world travelers.  They loved animals and teaching everyone they encountered about them.  As volunteers, the Johnsons help take care of the Zoo's ambassador animals, and the birds of prey (hawks and owls), held a special place in their hearts.  They would always jump at the chance to showcase these magnificent birds to zoo guests and school groups across Northeast and Central Kansas.  The ambassador animals and free play learning in the Wild Wonders Room is a tribute to their dedication to Sunset Zoo, all the time and energy given to the Zoo, and all those that donated to the memorial in their honor.

The current animal habitats available for viewing in the Wild Wonders Room include:

  • Domestic Ferret
  • Eastern Screech Owl
  • Common Boa Constrictor
  • Atlantic Mollies
  • Poison Dart Frogs
  • Cane Toads
  • Puerto Rican Crested Toads (Coming Soon)

Before you leave the room, don't forget to pause and take in the overlook view of Sunset Zoo.